Top 7 Indian Chefs Who Received Michelin Stars

They are often looked down on and hardly any parent would like their children to adopt this profession Phrases like “Yeh Bawarchi Banega?” (He will become a cook?) are hurled on them by the society every now and then. But changed is the view of Indian public now after the Michelin star received by these chefs and every parent would want to be blessed by sons like them.

Michelin Stars: A Quick Look

Michelin stars is a rating system used by the red Michelin Guide to grade restaurants on the basis of their quality. This French honour is a hallmark of fine dining quality.

Here are the top 7 Michelin honoured Indian chefs.

Vineet Bhatia:

He professes to be the first Indian chef restaurateur to receive the honour since the guide started. Cuisines made by the celebrated chef can be categorized as Awadhi and he was awarded for the London-located restaurant Zaika in 2001.

Alfred Prasad:

Another executive chef at Tamarind of Mayfair, Prasad is said to be the youngest Indian to have received this honour. He serves traditional regional cuisines. He was widely recognized and awarded for Tamarind of Mayfair in 2002.

Atul Kocchar:

He has the honour of being the first Indian chef to be bestowed one of the prestigious accolade and describes his cuisines as contemporary Indian. He was awarded for Tamarind, London in 2001 and for his own venture Benaras in 2007.

Karunesh Khanna:

He is the head chef at Amaya, London, since 2004, Karunesh serves contemporary Indian cuisine, ‘with a hint of the orient.’ He was awarded for Amaya in 2006.

Sriram Aylur:

Sriram Aylur is the executive chef at London’s Quilon. He is known for coastal cuisine of Southwestern India was awarded for Quilon in 2008.

Vikas Khanna:

The New-York based celebrity chef is known for the who’s who of the world. He is awarded for the Junoon restaurant for three consecutive years since 2012.

Manjunath Mural:

Holds the honour of being an executive chef of the song of India restaurant in Singapore, Manjunath has won several awards as a chef for The Song of India. He has received the Michelin star for his Indian restaurant in Southeast Asia. He makes use of traditional Indian preparation methods and blends them with the flavours from the country he gets inspired by. He also keeps on sharing the stories and techniques behind the rich diversity of the regional cuisines in India.