Food Research


How awesome it is to know what Lord Rama ate or for that matter what was the Mughal Emperor Akbar eating for dinner ? we can go in to all this and come up with some revealing menus. Food Research is a very specialised area and Gastroutes has mastered this with a a team of food researchers, who not only dig out old recipes, but also work on assignments to discover lost recipes, translate cook books et al.

Food Research is a subject that requires great passion and in-depth knowledge about food history and of course an access to host of resources. There are times when we intend to plan a very exclusive menu and want only authentic period food to be a part of it or we wish to serve something to our guests that co-relates with the chosen theme of the event, it is just here that our food researchers come up with some really revealing findings to be added to the knowledge base that forms the base of any activity in the arena of gastronomy. Be it menu curation, food tour planning, designing a food walk, all of it is built on the base of Food Research.