Eat, Pray & Love in India

Though title may suggest it’s something about the American film starring Julia Roberts, of course a bit of inspiration comes from that, but it’s not all about it. We liked the title very much and the concept of the film too, thus we based our theme primarily on the same, where we visit some highlight places in India to do with religious or spiritual sites, love sites with inspiring love stories and of course all of these visit are complimented with soul pleasing food being its central theme. Community meals at a Sikh and Hindu temples, food at the Sufi shrines and meal distribution to the mourners  after Shia mourning ritual of Muhorram, all are a part of this tour. Even we understand the death feast or the meals had by Hindu widows et al. This tour will also include a visit to the monument of love, Agra, with special royal food experience overlooking the magnificent Taj Mahal.