Coasts, mountains, plateaus, plains and deserts

India is one country continent that has coasts, mountains & hills, valleys & plateaus, plains and deserts. Each region has a distinctive cuisine due to its topographical and geographical uniqueness. Often food from these is quite contrasting to each other and this is one reason that there absolutely is no term as ‘Indian Cuisine’. Cuisine of each region in India is influenced by its geographical belonging as much as it is influenced by the regional culture and society.

We travel through India on this tour appreciating its regional cuisine and understanding geographical and climatic  influence on it. As there are influences of climatic and geographic conditions of the regions on architecture and lifestyle, so there are immense influences on the food, its ingredients, cooking styles and eating habits too. We travel through parts of India to decode all this and more, touching each land type in India and getting an overview of geographical and climatic influences on food.