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You might wonder what kind of long and a non-descriptive name have we chosen to write our blog. Let us be clear, we are a foodie in our own right and reach wherever we smell good food and drink, mind you we said ‘SMELL’. Now Cats, Dogs, Bees and Flies too are all similar. They too smell, sense, sneak-in and eat. In this blog we talk about food, be it the fine-dine scene, street food, food kiosks, recipes, ancient food, and sometimes bad food too….

  • These Sumptuous Rajasthani Food is a True Delight!

    A popular misconception about food from the Indian State of Rajasthan is that it is primarily non meaty.   However, a sizeable proportion of the State is non-meat consumers hence the majority of food served in Rajasthani restaurants are vegetarian.  Here is a complete overlook of this Indian food which is fast becoming an epicurean delight. […]

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  • What Makes Kashmiri Wazwan Simply Spectacular?

    The traditional Wazwan takes the Kashmiri cuisine to a very different level of hospitality and it is an inseparable part of the Kashmiri Cuisine. The culture evolved in the valley centuries ago and till date it has maintained a distinct characteristic of an entity of its own.

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  • 8 Mouth-watering Food of Lucknow That Attract People from Far and Wide

    When you wander around the world in search of the best food and your travelling belly gets a satisfactory junction, a smile on your face is apparent. Gastroutes takes you to such a journey that will help you explore the lip-smacking street food the taste of which will be hard to forget. Here we go […]

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  • How Chicken Used to be Cooked for Emperor Akbar?

    Do you know the favourite food of Emperor Akbar? It may be same as yours! Yes he used to love chicken. Domestic chicken was the year-round flavoured fowl in Moghul dishes, while peacock, goose, quail, parrot and partridge were all considered only a part of the seasonal hunt.

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  • Eating Out in Varanasi: What and Where?

    Famous for its ghats (river banks), gallis (narrow lanes) and yogis (sages), Varanasi is one such Indian city that is frequented by the tourists from far and wide not just for its temples and heritage but for its food also. People flocking to the ghats, indulging in Ganga aarti (prayers) at the banks of River Ganga is a common site.

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  • Sambhar: A Sumptuous South Indian Food With Over 50 Varieties!

    Imagine having a steaming bowl of sambhar (lentil based vegetable stew) along with its accompaniments like idlis (steamed rice pancakes), dosas (pancake made of fermented rice batter) and vadas (deep-fried salted doughnuts of lentils). The mere thought of it would make you salivate if you have ever tried this South Indian food before that taste like heaven.

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  • Chole Bhature and a Taste of Delhi’s Punjabi Side!

    If you ever get a chance to take a stroll to the streets of Delhi, do not miss the two iconic dishes “choole (chick peas cooked in spicy gravy) Bhature (fermented unleavened deep fried bread) and butter chicken. Of course, there are many things other than that and an entire lane dedicated to shallow fried unleavened bread called “parathe waali gali” in Chandni Chowk where you can get to find an overwhelming varieties of parathas.

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  • Top 7 Indian Chefs Who Received Michelin Stars

    They are often looked down on and hardly any parent would like their children to adopt this profession Phrases like “Yeh Bawarchi Banega?” (He will become a cook?) are hurled on them by the society every now and then. But changed is the view of Indian public now after the Michelin star received by these chefs and every parent would want to be blessed by sons like them.

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