Best of Gordon Ramsay

Most of us love to see Gordon Ramsay, a chef on television shows due to his temperamental (often abusive language) behaviour in the kitchen as he himself is a perfectionist and can not tolerate anything wrong with the food. As a restaurateur, he has held sixteen Michelin stars and is considered to be the most influential chef in United Kingdom.

Ramsay’s television show, ‘Great Escape’ was one of the most popular shows in 2010 on Channel Four for which he travelled to India. Ramsay was intrigued by Indian cuisine as a child, specially the curry dishes due to his mother’s fascination and his Indian landlord in whose house his family lived on rent. It was during his career as a Chef that his Indian food dream came true with the first three episodes of the TV series,  ‘Great Escapes’ tilted, Mangala Express, North-East India and Kerela.

On this tour we do just that, covering the places Gordon Ramsay went to, plus along with that we do a bit more in India to understand its food history and to relate with India more than just relating to its food. After all India to understand India’s food and its food traditions it is important to understand its history, heritage and culture.