Badshahs, Maharajas & Nawabs

India has been influenced by many foreign cuisines brought in by many invaders from time to time, each of which evolved here, was improvised to local conditions and perfected here to become India’s own. Fragmented India before 1947 was divided into many royal states and each state took pride in its own cuisine. Majority of rulers were Muslims and Hindus and these too had diverse cuisines due to regional and religious influences to the places they belonged to.

On this tour we appreciate the cuisines and cuisine history of the royalty in India. Of course Mughals who ruled India as strongest monarchs have a great role in India’s Mughlai cuisine, but there were also  Persian Nawabs and Hindu Maharajas with their smaller independent states who left an equally indelible marks on India’s culinary history and traditions. Explore all this and more on this revealing tour of India and experience India through its royal cuisine.