About us

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” George Bernard Shaw

Gastroutes is a specialist tour operator that specialises in well-researched and serious gastronomy tours through India. Travel for food is always an exciting way to understand a destination, be it an unpretentious street food, humble home cooked meal or the pompous fine dine experience, all  are so exciting. 

At Gastroutes we very carefully craft (not draft) our Eatneraries (not itineraries) and curate very exclusive culinary experiences to be offered as a major part of our tours to India. ‘Gastronomy’ is the only subject we work on, and our tours are not only well researched and well planned, but include, local cooking experiences, enriching interactions and of course lots of authentic food on the tour.     

Gastroutes is a result of our passion for food and food in all forms. Our parent company Tornos has been in the trade since 25 years and has been known for offering niche, well researched and curated tours. Food travel being one of its forte. Gastroutes is a highly focused independent pan-India brand of Tornos that caters exclusively in the domain of gastronomy to special-interest, discerning travellers to India who intend to experience India through its culinary heritage.

A gastronome who is a bit familiar with Indian Cuisine would understand that there is nothing as ‘Indian Cuisine’ as such. India has regional cuisines, rather multiple cuisines within the region as well. Given the diversity in food, we just cannot have specialised in all of it though out India, so at Gastroutes we have specialists drawn form different regions of India to cater to this most diversified and complex subject, ‘Indian Food’ (if we may call it so, clubbing all that’s Indian), that actually requires micro-specialisation to conduct tours in the domain of gastronomy.

We are always happy to talk to you for anything and everything to do with Indian food in all forms.

GASTROUTES – the brand name is a portmanteau, coined by combining Gastronomy + Routes, where ‘RO‘ of gastROnomy  and ‘RO‘ of  ROutes is common, while ‘NOMY‘ of gastroNOMY has been replaced by ‘UTES‘ of roUTES