Which Wine Pairs Best With Which Indian Food?

To assist all the food lovers travelling to India, Gastroutes has enlisted the right wines that are great to be paired with the top sumptuous Indian food. Good pairing does not enhance the taste of food only but it also brings out the right flavours of the food and would give you a unique culinary experience. Given here are certain tips which would be of great help to you.

Indian Seafood and Rajasthani Hot curries

When you are in the Indian state of Kerala or Goa, you are sure to savour seafood. In Goa you would get Goan shrimp curry, Rava Pork Fry, Pork Vindaloo etc and in Kerala you will get mouth-watering Fish curry, Shrimp Coconut Curry, Malabar Biryani and more. Being in the land of spices  you will find Indian seafood preparations with spices whether they grill, bake, smoke or cook curries – so white wine pairs the best with it. Minerality refers to a chalky texture of the white wine that goes very well with the sea food.  Riesling is a white vine variety that blends well with yogurt based hot Rajasthani curries.


One of the most loved Indian food is Biryani spiced and with different flavours and aromas unique to its region. The royal taste of this delicacy goes well with Chenin Blanc. Having this wine would maintain a balance of taste and the enticing flavours of Biryani does not lose its characteristics. This wine has a tangy taste. You can consider skipping Raita (yogurt preparation) which is often consumed with Biryani.

Tandoori Tikkas or Kebabs:

When in Lucknow, the first thing you will get hold is kebab obviously. If you savour tandoori tikkas and kebabs, you would get the best taste and flavour of it with dark blue grape wine, Merlot. The spicy taste of these tongue tickling foods gets elevated with a coat of Merlot wine and hence it is a perfect blend with Kebabs.

North Indian Curries and Butter Chicken:

If there is food like butter chicken or any other Indian curry dish that does not have tangy taste on your palette, you need to choose a red wine. Red is a perfect pair as it enhances the taste of your favourite food in India.


If you are eating barbequed meat in India which is coated with a layer of spices and has a juicy interior. Your favourite steaks would blend well with Sette or Vitae Sangiovese to make them taste better.

Rice and Curry:

In South India you are going to get this food in all probability. White wines like Sauvignon or Chenin are recommended over red wine. Both of these have great taste and elevate the flavours of rice and curries.

With Dosas (Rice and Lentil Pancakes)

If there are batter bites such as Dosas or Idlis in south of India, have them with a refreshing rose wine. Rose wine is made up of variety of grapes mainly black skinned grapes. It is perfect for all those foods that do not have any overpowering taste.

Chardonnay  and Viognier can also go very well with Indian creamy curries. The food choice in India is as diversified as its culture and wine too has become a great produce in India, wineries like Sula, Grover have created a great mark for themselves in some reasonably good wines, but anyway wine is a personal choice so in our opinion pairing it your way is the best.

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