Interesting Facts and Story behind Indian sattu That You Are Not Aware About!

It would be no exaggeration to term ‘Sattu’ (roasted black gram) as a nutritional power powder. Popular in the North Indian states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Punjab, was once a rural delicacy but now urban India is also inclining towards it. Owing to the rising popularity of sattu, people have started giving wings to their imagination to add taste and more nutrition to it. Mixing barley and wheat to the gram flour has raised the nutritional value further and taking it in the various forms like ‘paranthas’ (unleavened bread stuffed with sattu),’ laddoos’ (roundels), ‘littis’ (hollow dough stuffed with sattu and baked in cow-dung fire ). Prior to knowing the advantages of this Indian super cereal and the various stages through which it has evolved, let us have a quick look at its nutritive value.

Nutritional Value of Sattu:

The nutritional value of sattu remains intact because it is just dry roasted. Moreover, it has a longer shelf life, very high in the fiber content and low in sodium. All the important minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium and manganese are found in abundance in this.

Per 100 gram contains:

How Sattu Evolved To Become a Part of Contemporary Dining?

This wholesome meal was considered as the pious food in Quran (Holy book of Muslims) and was known by the name ‘saweeq’. A legend goes, that on his way to Khyber ( at Sadd-al-Rohaa), Prophet Mohmmad took rest at a village and ordered his followers to bring him whatever they had. ‘Hajis’ came to his table with a dish which tasted great, was satiating and thoroughly nourishing, the concoction was made up of saweeq and dates. The dish became so popular that it has begun to be served as a blessed sweet in the wedding ceremonies and also as a part of ration by Arab traders. In the interior parts of the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Odisha and Bihar, barley based sattu is a traditional breakfast. In Punjab, barley-based variety is being used whereas in Odisha and Bihar, roasted gram is used.

Considered as a poor-man’s diet in India and a staple diet of North Indian farmers, this cereal is known to our ancestors. This was a staple diet till the end of the Kushan Empire and at the time of Kalinga war, soldiers and sailors used to carry its sacks so that they could sustain during the long maritime journey. During the Mauryan times, it was served to the in-war battalions as part of their compensation. Sattu became Shivaji’s favorite choice at the time of guerrilla war against the Mughals.

 It is believed that the invention of Sattu was made to cater the needs of travelers rather than a morning meal. It gained popularity when Brahmins began to like it. There was a time when Sarais (resting place) were not common and hence it became a must-carry food as it kept the travelers satiated for a long time.  The longer-shelf life, ease of transporting, good taste and a high nutritive value has made sattu immensely popular.

Health Benefits of Sattu:

Keeps Your Body Cool:

It is amazingly hydrating and capable of preventing strokes. It keeps your stomach cool and prevents indigestion. The drink of sattu keeps your body free from the internal heat.

Post-Work Out Protein Kick:

After work outs or at the time of pregnancy when the body craves for more protein, it can be a boon in disguise. As it is packed with proteins and important minerals, sattu replenishes the lost nutrients in the body.

Good for Digestion:

If you have stomach ailments, sattu is all for you! It fights the sluggish digestion, flatulence and is rich source of fiber as well. It reduces fat, fights constipation and combats acidity.

Regulates Blood Pressure:

Being a natural energizer, it helps regulate blood pressure. To control the elevating blood pressure, doctors advise patients to have sattu with water. Also, it has a low Glycemic Index making it good for the diabetics. Drinking sattu drinks, control the blood sugar levels.

Enhances Your Stamina:

Being immensely rich in protein and replenishing minerals which our body can easily absorb, it is equivalent to an energy drink, with no preservatives and no harmful impact on the body.

Important to Note: