How To Prepare Aam Ki Launji and Mango Mint Pudding?

Come summer and the first thing to be on the must-eat list for every Indian is mango. All the mango lovers out there can give wings to their imagination and prepare a number of dishes from them. Discussed here are two picks!

Aam Ki Launji (Sweet and Sour Mango Chutney)

The best part of sweet and sour mango chutney is that you can make it in bulk and store it for several months. This is easy to cook and used normally in summer as it helps combat heat.

What you need?

How to Prepare?

Mango and Mint Kheer (pudding)


Just imagine the taste of rice cooked in saffron, milk and nuts and flavouring the entire pudding with the mango puree plus mint leaves! It tastes awesome. Giving a fruity taste to the lovable Indian pudding works well! Here is the recipe…

 What Do You Need?

 How To Make It?