How are we different ?

Food in India is a very complex subject. India is a huge country, in fact a sub-continent and each region has its own distinct cuisine, rather cuisine here changes after every twenty kilometers of travel within India.

There is absolutely no Indian Cuisine, its divided into many cuisines based on regional geography (even could be local, may be just a city or town), history, customs and culture. If any tour operator claims, he knows about food and can operate a culinary tour to India without local inputs, we think he is a non-serious food-tour operator and surely not a specialist operator, only trying to gain business without delivery. Realising this, Gastroutes came about as a specialist operator, bringing regional food experts on its board. Our expert board includes, chefs and food enthusiasts from different regions of India and even sub-regions after dividing larger regions. All this only to operate as a specialist food-tour-operator and exclusively cater to serious food travellers to India.