Eatspot – Curated Restaurants & Eateries


It is very hard to locate a good eatery in an alien destination. And if you have a recommendation, you still are not sure if it comes from a person with same taste as yours. We at Gastroutes curate a list of eateries at each place and this list is ever evolving, so that our guests know that the restaurant that we recommended earlier is still recommendable. Eateries usually have a checkered graph, and a very few have consistency in their quality and service, thus one just can not perceive, what was the best once is still the best.

Our guests are foodies either by interest or at times also by profession, thus each meal becomes extremely important part of their travel plan. We just cannot allow the meal to be an average one, it has to be an experience that lasts even after the tour is over, as food that we eat on tours often is a part of indelible memory or rather should be.