Culinary Itineraries


Cuisine is a subject of great expertise, more so in India, when there is absolutely no such thing as ‘Indian Cuisine’, but cuisine in India is further divided into geographical and cultural regions. Not only that each region has a different cuisine, but within that region too there is diversity. Frankly in India, with each ten kilometer within the city too, gastronomical experience changes. 

We at Gastroutes after a great deal of research, plan some great tours that center around cuisine. Of course there is a normal sightseeing involved, but every day, meals play a pivotal role, they are either curated just for our guests or are an exciting experience that may include a street food walk or a home-cooking session to unravel the secret of someone’s grandma’s recipe. On these tours, even if it is a simple lunch or dinner at a restaurant, we ensure it is at a handpicked eatery that has dished out something very unique and then we curate a menu exclusively for our guests, to include the highlight dish from that eatery as  at Gastroutes we believe, it is not necessary that all dishes served in a great restaurant are great. This extra effort put in by us on our tours gives an opportunity to our gourmand guests not to miss the best at each destination.