Cooking Sessions – Learn, Cook & Eat

There is no better way to understand the culture and people of a place than to enter a private home. Home kitchens are usually a private place in India and it is that portion of the house that is equated with a sacred temple, how else would one explain the concept of the first morsel going to the fire God or to the cow for that matter, before any one can lay his hands on the food, or that family entering home kitchens bare footed and only after their morning prayer and bath. All this and more can only be experienced in an Indian home kitchens. On another count, the ingredients, recipes and style of cooking all is quite different when one talks of home cooking, it also differs from family to family and has in the family as a part of its ‘ancestral food heritage’ that has found its ways from one generation to another to present family.

We believe, unspoiled and authentic cuisine can only be learnt and had at home kitchens, thus at Gastroutes we have identified such homes where cuisine has been a great tradition and where their family recipes are no less than a priced  family crown that has been passed on to the present generations and has been very seriously preserved and nurtured to be passed on further to its next.

Of course all Gastroutes programmes essentially include a home-cooking session but at Gastroutes we also help families willing to participate and host such sessions as a part of our consultancy services. As a part of Gastroutes’ project we help home owners, revive and use their innate cooking skills to further spread it among discerning travellers who intend to learn and experience home cooked food.