Chole Bhature and a Taste of Delhi’s Punjabi Side!

If you ever get a chance to take a stroll on the streets of Delhi, do not miss two iconic dishes “chole  (chick peas cooked in spicy gravy) Bhature (fermented leavened deep fried bread) and butter chicken. Of course, there are many things other than that and an entire lane is dedicated to shallow fried unleavened bread called “parathe waali gali” in Chandni Chowk. Here you can find overwhelming varieties of parathas. There are other Punjabi foods as well in Delhi but butter chicken and chole bhature are the ones that most of the travelers would like to get their hands on when they come to Delhi.

Morning time is the time when you can see people strolling around the streets of Delhi in the sweet shops. One of the most frequented sweet shops is Nathu’s located in the close vicinity to the Barakhamba Road. This shop is a recommended one while you will find others tagging this shop as “too commercial.”  ‘Sitaram Diwan Chand Chana Bhatura’ is yet another good option

At the start of the breakfast you have whipped yogurt called ‘lassi’ instead of double-shot cappuccinos. The former is a healthier alternative. You will be surprised to know that instead of earthen cups known as ‘kulhads’ in India or the usual big lassi glasses you will get lassi in colourful earthen cups. Still the taste is not at all compromised. The lassi served in the morning is sweet, full-cream and flavoured with a touch of saffron. There are other shops which remain brimming up with the South Indian food in the morning as a breakfast.

Nathu’s shop at Barakhamba road is a sweet shop where you would be surprised to get “chole Bhature” with a difference. Here black gram channa is used in chole instead of the regular chickpea based chole and the bhature that you would get here was not oily and you will get a feeling of near home-cooked feel to it. The bhaturas served here are crunchy from outside and slightly soft and doughy inside.

Though there are several other things to eat in Delhi. Almost all the streets remain filled with the stalls vending Golgappa. Bishan Swaroop is a hidden treasure for gastronomes. You can find an amazingly tasting fruit chaat & aloo Kulla (scooped out boiled potatoes filled with chickpeas and garnished with lemon and spices.) This is very tempting and mouth watering. Located in the Chandni Chowk, just opposite to the McDonalds this chaat stall is a must visit. If you love munching pakodas fritters while sipping a cup of Chai then there is one stop junction for you in Sarojini Nagar Ring Road Market. This outlet dishes out 10 types of pakados at any given time and the chutneys served along with them are equally wonderful.