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You might wonder what kind of long and a non-descriptive name have we chosen to write our blog. Let us be clear, we are a foodie in our own right and reach wherever we smell good food and drink, mind you we said ‘SMELL’. Now Cats, Dogs, Bees and Flies too are all similar. They too smell, sense, sneak-in and eat. In this blog we talk about food, be it the fine-dine scene, street food, food kiosks, recipes, ancient food, and sometimes bad food too….

  • Tadka – key to delicious Indian cooking.

    What’s one thing which can turn even a simple dish into a drool-worthy treat? It is certainly the mix of spices you infuse into it. It is the balance of spices in any dish which make it delectable or displeasing. So, whether you prefer things hot and spicy, bold and flavorful, or just mild, cooking […]

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  • Why traditional Indian mud chulha is as good as it is forgotten

    In today’s fast paced lives, not just a gas stove, a microwave and oven have become a necessity for living. However, if we look back just two-threecdecades ago, it was a homemade stove or clay chulha (stove) or mud Chulha that was used for cooking almost everything and is still a tradition in many regions […]

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  • Mughlai cuisine: as elusive as it’s sumptuous

    Despite being so widespread, Mughlai food suffers from an image problem. The mere mention of it conjures up images of robust gravies, heavy meats and over-spiced dishes. Much of this bad press is due to the inexpert preparations sold in restaurants in India and abroad where a mishmash of Punjabi dishes, generic curries dubbed as […]

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  • Bengali cuisine: a diverse culinary art

    Bengali food came from both West Bengal and East Bengal, widely known as Bangladesh after India’s partition during the British reigns. Bengali cuisine is renowned for its varied flavour, from snacks, primary course and sweets to foodies. The beauty of Bengali cuisine resists in its tangy taste of various spices that are used in the […]

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  • Indian Thalis: discover heaven on platter!

    As soul is to body, the food is to India. The food platter of India is so vast and diverse, that you will never get enough of it. Infused with varied spices – all ready to caress your senses and surprise you with its distinct aromas. And the most amazing way to discover the essence […]

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  • Has the cuisine of Rajasthan has a history as fascinating as its forts?

    Rajasthan is the land of vivid colors, magnificent palaces, captivating architecture and mouth-watering food. Rajasthani cuisine is a form of art that in its own way is exquisite. It is interesting to note that Rajasthan cuisine is influenced by many factors – from ecological to social, geographical, cultural and historical. The warring lifestyle of the […]

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  • Ambur biryani: from kitchen of Arcot Nawabs to people’s hearts.

    Once, there was a man who ate only biryani for lunch every day and for 15 years daily. Even after he grew old and shed his teeth, he still had it through then without any meat chunks. Then there was a biryani fanatic who braved the rain to eat biryani while gorging on it under […]

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  • Warm your dinner table with the mouth-watering curry delight: Rogan Josh

    The word curry as used in India is often simply perceived as gravy. In western nations, gravy is actually a sauce made out of the juice from meat, thickened with seasonings and flour. However, curry in India is much more than a sauce – it is a melange of a lot of thickening agents, spices […]

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  • 8 appetizing Holi special delicacies Indians love to binge on.

      Festivals in India are not only about the pomp and show – it’s more of getting together with loved ones, enjoying the traditions and relishing the most amazing food. Indeed, every Indian festival brings along a peculiar trail of special delights and Holi – The festival of colours is no different! Spring is the […]

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