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You might wonder what kind of long and a non-descriptive name have we chosen to write our blog. Let us be clear, we are a foodie in our own right and reach wherever we smell good food and drink, mind you we said ‘SMELL’. Now Cats, Dogs, Bees and Flies too are all similar. They too smell, sense, sneak-in and eat. In this blog we talk about food, be it the fine-dine scene, street food, food kiosks, recipes, ancient food, and sometimes bad food too….


    Ingredients For the roast chicken 700g Whole chicken 50g Butter 1 small onion, with a clove stuck in it A wedge of lime For Marinade 3 tblsp lemon juice 2 tblsp minced garlic Salt Pepper 2 tsp honey For Gravy Lemon juice A little wine sugar or honey Method Preheat the oven to 200 C […]

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  • Claus Meyer – about a chef

    Claus Meyer often described as ‘Heliotrope’ due to his way of seeing the world.  Chef, restaurateur, entrepreneur and culinary activist always wishes to look in the direction of light and have faith in it to transmute every dark. He is the co-founder for Noma, awarded four times for being the best restaurant in the world […]

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  • Marks & Spencer slaps Biryani

    The biryani has always been a much talked about and is also a subject of great debate amongst food enthusiasts. There is also a debate on its origin, whether it comes from Central Asia or is it Indian, whether it is vegetarian or with some meat? Whether it should be dry or a little moist? […]

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  • Shahjanabad – Delhi’s eating district

    Memory is funny, it is something to be cherished as it gives joy but also that it cages one in its extremities, especially when people are going through these difficult times of the current pandemic. Fond memories of childhood days in the Old Delhi erstwhile known as Shahjahanabad engulf with a sense of nostalgia and […]

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  • Indian Soup – Dal

    While still a student of law in London, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi around the year 1889 met a Gujarati writer and critic Narayan Hermchandra. Like other students Gandhi also was quite influenced by the British life style, adopted many British customs but remained vegetarian. Once Gandhi made carrot soup for Hemchandra, but did not satisfy the […]

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  • Meatless meat ?

    Though difficult to belief but a mix of wheat, rice, gram and quinoa flour, coupled with some beetroot powder for a striking colour packed with some pea protein, some pungentness of onions and garlic along with some salt coriander and cumin powder tossed together in a pan is a simple recipe for a meatless curry. […]

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  • Kolkata – the cradle of food

    After arguments over the Kolkata’s famous and much famed Rosogolla simmered down soon there are arguments over the delicate and fragrant Biryani, and it would not be wrong to say that what Kolkata relishes today it might soon be recognized nationwide. Agreed that Mumbai is the financial capital of India but truly Kolkata is its […]

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  • Sweet North Indian Breakfast – Jalebi

    Biting into the street side vendor’s jalebi, selling every day, with his hands moving rapidly swirling the batter over the hot oil, pulling them out and dipping them into thick sugar syrup, ready to be gulped into one’s mouth before the sugar crystallizes on the jalebi. But soon realising that the batter thus made for […]

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  • Origin of Idli and Sambhar?

    Idli, a steamed rice and lentils cake is a well known dish from South India and quite famed in India as well as overseas. But it is interesting to know from where the idli and sambhar or the tangy gravy which accompaniments the idli comes from? Is it from the South Indian states of Andhra […]

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