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You might wonder what kind of long and a non-descriptive name have we chosen to write our blog. Let us be clear, we are a foodie in our own right and reach wherever we smell good food and drink, mind you we said ‘SMELL’. Now Cats, Dogs, Bees and Flies too are all similar. They too smell, sense, sneak-in and eat. In this blog we talk about food, be it the fine-dine scene, street food, food kiosks, recipes, ancient food, and sometimes bad food too….

  • The Journey from Nargisi Kofta to Scotch Eggs

    In the modern times, creativity still serves as the soul of an art. Upgrades can be an embodiment of the same.  Thus, the order of the day is that chefs from across the world endeavour to turn almost every modest dish into something special. However, only a few versions manage to thrive for long. Interestingly, […]

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  • Food for life that becomes a cause of death

    Many pieces of great fine art wrap the country of Italy. Interestingly, Milan, considered as an uncommon place by the Romans themselves, is home to the original work of painter Peter Paul Rubens, ‘The Last Supper’.  The painting symbolises how a deceit leading to death gracefully exists with a life giving element. On one hand […]

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  • Experiential Indian Cooking That Made Bitter Gourd Taste Simply Amazing!

    One of the most underrated vegetables in the Indian Kitchens or probably all across the world because of its bitter taste is bitter gourd. This vegetable is looked down on to the extent that in India people say: “karela yeh bhi koi khane ki cheez hai?” (Is bitter gourd worth eating?). Well! At the turn […]

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  • 6 Weird Indian Food Combos That Taste Like Heaven

    Some of the best and tempting foods come to the fore while experimenting and the foodies that remain on their foot for trying such foods have a reason to visit India.

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  • All That You Want to Know About Mughlai Cuisines

    During the sixteenth and seventeenth century the splendor and opulence of the Mughal courts were at the zenith-the like of which had not been seen in over a thousand years. Between 1626 and 1712 the Mughal emperors, Turks by origin but with Mongol, Persian and Hindu blood in their veins, ruled the greater parts of […]

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  • Uttar Pradesh Food That Must Be The Part of Fun-filled Delicious Walk

    A wide range of variety, taste and flavour is what Indian State Uttar Pradesh is known for. Walking through different cities of the state will leave you amazed about the exotic gravies.The base of most commonly eaten dishes is prepared by a mixture of tomatoes, ginger, onion, garlic and a number of spices are also […]

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  • Different Interesting Stories About Indian Biryani

    It would sound surprising to you but yes, Biryani which is one of the most commonly eaten foods is not Indian. This lip-smacking and ‘tagged as Indian food’ was originated in Persia and took multiple routes before arriving to India finally. The word Biryani had come from the Farsi word ‘Birian’ It is cooked over […]

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  • 7 Non Indian Dishes That Became More Indian

    You will be surprised out of wits to know that food as common as wheat and potatoes in India did not originate here and were completely unknown at a point of time. But, now these are inseparable part of Indian food. Gastroutes has enlisted such foods which were never Indian but became an integral part […]

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  • Interesting Facts and Story behind Indian sattu That You Are Not Aware About!

    It would be no exaggeration to term ‘Sattu’ (roasted black gram) as a nutritional power powder. Popular in the North Indian states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Punjab, was once a rural delicacy but now urban India is also inclining towards it. Owing to the rising popularity of sattu, people have started giving wings to […]

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