About us

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” George Bernard Shaw

Gastroutes is primarily a gastronomy tour company specialising in tours revolving around food from India. Be it the home cooked food, a fine dine experience, street food or historical food all of it excites us and we always wish to showcase these through our well-planned and curated tours through India.

We take pride in being established as possibly the only tour company with exclusive specialisation on gastronomy in India. Our expertise on the subject is vast, ranging from gastronomy tours through India, crafting India specific tour programmes, curating food walks in India, providing consultancy for food festivals and pop-up food related events.

Our parent company Tornos has been in the trade since the last two decades and has been known for offering niche, well researched and curated tours, food travel being one of its forte, Gastroutes is a highly focused brand that caters exclusively in this domain and to special interest discerning travellers looking for experiencing India through its culinary fabric that indeed is an exciting opportunity to discover and rediscover this destination.

At Gastroutes we very carefully craft (not draft) an itinerary and curate very exclusive culinary experiences to be offered as a part of our tours or even as a stand alone experience. Our specialisation is tailor-made programmes, though we have a few ready-made products as well, but that’s only for the purpose of an idea of what we can do at each place.

So we are always happy to talk to you for anything and everything to do with Indian food or food event or may be your food business too. 

GASTROUTES – the brand name is coined by combining Gastronomy + Routes, where ‘RO‘ of gastROnomy  and ‘RO‘ of  ROutes is common, while ‘NOMY‘ of gastroNOMY has been replaced by ‘UTES‘ of roUTES