8 Little Known Indian Dishes, You Must Try!

India is beyond Curries and Chiken Tikka Masala. Regular visitors to India have already tried and are fascinated with the regular meals like rajma-chawal, roti subji, chola chawal or kadi chawal etc. This time when visiting, go in for some very different food exploration. Take a break from the traditional Indian food and get familiar with the little known ones that are truly awesome Indian dishes from the various parts of India.

Basi Pakhala:

An amazing mix of rice and Indian spices, this Odia cuisine is not as famous as it should be. Basi pakhala is rice soaked in water and fermented for a night. It is mixed with badi chuda (dried lentil chunks), red chilies and garlic. The entire mixture is fried in mustard oil.

Bhatt Ki Churdkani:

This Kumauni cuisine is as nutritive as it is tasty. (Bhatt is black soya bean that is grown locally in the Indian state of Uttarakhand). Bhatt is fried with gram or wheat flour along with green chilies, garlic and turmeric paste. Water is added to the mixture and the dish is then cooked on a low flame till it thickens. It tastes best when eaten with rice.

Akki Roti:

In India you may have eaten roti (chapattis) made up of wheat flour. The Akki-Rotti which is exclusive to the state of Karnataka, is prepared from the batter of rice flour in which variety of veggies like ginger, carrots, onions and coriander leaves are added. Cooked-smashed veggies can also be added to make it tastier. It is had with the carrot pickle or chutney and commonly had at breakfast.


If you have a sweet tooth, this Indian dish from Konkan/North Karnataka would be a ‘must try’ for you. Also known as Mande, this wheat-based preparation is a ritual sweet served during celebrations. It is made of wheat flour, poppy seeds, ghee (clarified butter), and cardamom. The dough is laced with sesame, ghee and powdered sugar. Finally it is transferred to the spherical pots where it gets cooked and carefully bundled.

Appi Payasam:

This dessert is made by deep frying flat bread in ghee or clarified butter and then boiling it in condensed milk, cashew nuts, cardamom and almonds. This sweet delight tastes heavenly whether taken cold or hot.

Taler Bora:

This traditional Bengali delight is cooked on the eve of Lord Krishna’s Birthday. Taler Bora or Ripe Sugar Palm is made by adding wheat flour, jaggery and grated coconut with the juice of ripe juicy palm fruit. They are given the round shape and deep fried like fritters.


It is also a nutritional supplement from the Indian state of Punjab and tastes awesome. It is made up of whole wheat flour which is shallow fried in clarified butter and sugar. It is laced with a number of dried fruits and herbal gums. This sweet preparation of Bengal is used as prasadam (offering to God) and owing to its high nutritive value, it is recommended for nursing or pregnant women.

Chaman Kaliya:

Chaman Kaliya is cooked in the Indian state of Kashmir. It is Paneer (cottage cheese) that is deep fried and then cooked in cardamom flavoured milk.

So, the next time you make a visit to India, you know which traditional Indian dishes you should give a try!